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 Posted: 01-25-2007 01:18 am
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I called Autopower and they made me 4 "D" tabs, sent me a 4' piece of welded seam mild steel tubing, and 2 end plugs about 2 inches long that just fit inside the tubing.  I cut the tubing to a lenght that fit between the bar uprights and  bolted the tabs onto the end plugs.  I then centered the the whole shebang (and extra set of hands was definately needed) and tacked the "D" tabs onto the main bar.  I then tacked the end plugs in place, unbolted it all, and welded it up solid.  I now have a harness bar that can be taken in and out if I so desire and does a great job at keeping me in the car.

Gonna go try and take some pictures really fast.



OK, not the best photo's, but it makes my description understandable.

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