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 Posted: 01-22-2007 02:03 am
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hi all,

i just read the keith ansell piece in the standard.  i had seen this on another forum, but i'm still not sure what oil would best protect the older, broken in engines in most of our cars. my understanding is that mr ansell refers to experience with vintage british cars, not specifically lotus engined 4 valve JH's.

i note that the article  makes no mention of mobil 1 (good or bad).

i'm relatively new to this hobby (got the JH 6.06) so i lack much hands on experience.  is there an advantage in running  zddp rich dino oils over synthetics?

it is my undstanding that the valvetrain in our cars has much in common with modern engines - whose manufacturers recommend synthetic.  am i missing the issues intinsic to these cars? 

will i deprive my car of essential protection in swithing to a synthetic?