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 Posted: 01-21-2007 03:01 pm
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Judson Manning

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The epoxy 'fix' is fairly rare.  It can only be found on those left-over castings when they switched over from rope-seal (#2760) to lip-seal blocks.  My original (early) MkII engine #3521 had the epoxy.  I can only guess all engines after 4030 received the revised (solid journal webbing and blocked oil drain) cam towers.

Your engine has the later castings.  Don't ask me why I switched your intake tower for an earlier version (can't give away all my secrets!).

The real 'fix' is an Accusump to pre-oil the journals prior to start-up.  The other thing is to keep the revs up (i.e. +50psi of pressure) to keep enough oil feeding the head.   In your case, you'll burn a valve and need a head-job long before your guides will wear due to a lack of lubrication.