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 Posted: 01-17-2007 01:09 pm
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Leave the epoxy in place.  That was a 'fix' done to the early castings, later castings (mkIII aka JH5) are all solid.  The design was later revised with the introduction of the 910.

This 'fix' was done to combat the cams in early engines from siezing in the cam journals.  Additional 'fixes' include changes to the cam-to-journal clearance, and revisions to the oil delivery to the cam itself.

Oil does pool in the cam cover which contributes to the leakage problem, but it's vital to keep certain parts of the valvetrain lubricated.  Remember, the exhaust valve is basically horizontal and gravity is not helping.

Between the cam cover and the oil cooler, the engine traps about 1-2qts of dirty oil at all times.  That's why I always suggest multiple oil changes to flush the system.