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 Posted: 01-05-2007 08:18 pm
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Why would you use the paper gaskets? The gasket was a design flaw from the start. There was Lotus Service Bulletin way back when that clearly states paper gaskets under cam towers will leak (they always do) and to avoid that type of installation. You will never get away from the leaking at this spot if you don't correct it. It's really worth switching over in my opinion if you need to change any of the shims. You must change all the shilms at this point, but if you need to change half of them anyway, it's not like you're saving a lot. I've used Loctite 515 for many years and it has always worked perfectly. It provides a near zero gap and seals from oil leakage as long as it is needed. You can assemble everything dry for a final check and know that you will end up with the same clearance when done. I think shimming the valves is enough trouble without having to figure in additional measurements (which are always approximate).