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 Posted: 01-05-2007 05:55 pm
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OK, I pulled the intake cam housing after carefully double checking the valve lash.  I find there is a gasket so I called Delta to ask how thick their gaskets are and they told me 15 thousands.  I mic mine and get about 10.  So I guess maybe it crushed to about 10 when installed.  The guy at Delta says I should use gaskets between the cam housing and the head and that it is a bad idea to eliminate the gaskets as the service manual recommends.

Use the gasket or not?

If the gasket maintained .015 thickness, my valves would be close to tolerance.  I suspect the gasket will crush somewhat.  What is the truth? 

If I dry assemble without the gasket I will have no clearance at all so it is pretty hard to accurately measure what size shims I need.  What to do?

Sorry to be such a moron!