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 Posted: 12-26-2006 11:11 pm
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James Wilson

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I bought a set on UK ebay:

They're listed as being suitable for a number of Vauxhall Cars that I doubt were ever exported to the USA (I never recall seeing any in the US, and I lived there until '84):


Firenza 2300 (with Girling brakes)   1973-76

Magnum 1800 / 2300 (with Girling brakes)   1973-78

Viva 1800 / 2300 (with Girling brakes)   1973-78

Victor / Ventora (with Girling brakes)    1968-73

They may also fit comparable Opel models from the period, but this is only speculation- and those might have been exported to the US. Maybe an Opel Kadett from the mid-1970s might be a possibility; and the larger Opels too, though I think that they weren't exported.

These Vauxhall were exported to Australia and New Zealand, so you might find some there, too....