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 Posted: 12-22-2006 04:21 pm
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Scott Robinson


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VIN 16709 74 4-speed Bright Yellow

Second owner since 1979. Took it apart to replace rusty rockers (rusty everything really) in 1985. Had kids. Back on road in 1996 and a true daily driver since.

Built it with plan to do track days. Roll bar, Turn 6 sway bars, delta springs, poly bushings, Spax shocks, 3-row, Yoko 205-60 AVSs. It was pre-internet so I didn't know I couldn't use the new 86 912 long block I bought from a guy in Detroit. (The subframe modifications required to install it were no big deal.) Caddy used the 912 head for the Northstar engine development program,  so I had WCR prep my original with a mild port job and their SS ex valves. Have reground cams and the adjustable half moon belt sprockets. Used Weber 45s as I always wanted a car with Webers and have found them just fine during the 25,000 miles I've used them (contrary to many other opinions). Use Crane CDI, an S&S header, a gear starter and a 3-quart Accusump.

In 2000 my trans started popping out of 3rd and I replaced it with a low mileage trans I bought from my friend Chicago Joe Mazurk. (Thanks again Joe. ) I commute from Chicago to Kansas City-about 600 miles. Had a rear wheel bearing turn to dust in Mexico--Mo that is. Knew it was going so I had a spare rear end in the passenger seat. Got it swapped for $250. Not bad at all considering I was totally at their mercy. That was the first time anyone else had ever worked on the car.

10 years after building the car I finally got it on a track (Heartland Park) in Topeka Kansas and have done about a dozen track days since. Huge, huge fun keeping up with mostly 30 year newer cars. My car is still mechanically very sound, but the rust has returned significantly. With the paint and body work costing as much as buying another nice one, I'm really torn. Can't have two, and can't see putting more into paint than the car is worth in total. I'm glad our cars are underappreciated though. Anyone have a nice rust free body in need of a drive train?

Scott Robinson