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 Posted: 12-16-2006 10:00 pm
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Jim DeClerck

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Life is now good!  I took my Lucas alternator from 19336 for test and/or rebuild today.  The Huntington Beach shop tech opened it up, found that a wire end had come adrift from its solder joint connector, resoldered the connection and, like magic, no more intermittant charging/not charging issues!  It produced 14 volts and 35 amps. 

On two previous occasions different shops had tested it good (AutoZone) and bad (Kragen), respectively.  When the loose wire touched its connector it tested good and vice versa.  When it was in the car it would not charge.

That's the second instance of a failed JH solder connection.  The other was in a several wire junction portion of the wiring harness under the dash that supplies the headlights, etc., with current.

Now on with other parts of the restoration project.