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 Posted: 12-11-2006 06:32 pm
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Your question made me curious, so I went out and did a few 0-60 runs in 12873 this weekend. 12873 is a four-speed car, with what I think is a pretty tired stock 907 running too-rich Stroms.

I found a pretty flat stretch of road near me, and, not wanting to break anything in the car, I did what I'd call a "jackrabbit" start, rather than a full spinning-tires drag racing start. I also took into account known and somewhat-quantified speedometer error in my car; my speedo indicates about 65 when true road speed is about 60. I shifted the car at about 6500; prior to this little test, it had only rarely been above 5500. The car really sounded great, and I had great fun!

My best time was 12.6 sec. This correlates well with your time, Dan.

I also did a different acceleration test, one that I believe may be more indicative of the real-world performance of our cars, and one that should be pretty comparable car-to-car. In third gear, going a steady 50mph, I gave it full throttle until I reached 70mph, both speeds taking into account known speedo error as best I could. I didn't shift out of third for this test.

My best time 50-70 was 7.9 seconds. I'd be interested in knowing other JH owners times 50-70, in particular those cars with modified and/or 2.2 engines. But please be safe, everyone!