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 Posted: 12-09-2006 05:57 pm
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Out of curiosity, is the TR6 servo unit a drop-in replacement as well?  My JH has a TR6 M/C already, but I've discovered it's leaking fluid from the connection between the M/C and the servo - time to get another TR6 unit...  I'm curious about the servo, though, and whether I should think about replacing it as well.  Can I test its function if the M/C is leaking? 

I'd never felt like I have a difficult car to stop, so I'm guessing that I'm getting a vacuum assist.  My clue something was wrong this time was that the pedal traveled almost all the way to the floor, but I still had no trouble stopping, and I didn't feel like I needed much more pressure than I usually do.  I discovered that the M/C reservoir was almost empty, and when I topped it up, I got some of my pedal height back.  And it still wasn't hard to stop the car.  I don't want to drive her until I get the M/C replaced, and I figured that since I was going to be in there anyway, I should think about the vacuum assist unit as well.