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 Posted: 12-09-2006 02:08 pm
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I've got a couple of old magazines I got off of Ebay with JH test articles.  One article compares the 240Z and the JH, with 0-60 times of 8 secs with the Federal Stromberg equipped 2L. Quarter was in the high 15s which is pretty good for the day.

I certainly think it is possible.  I have driven Judson's 2.2L car and I'm certain that car will do under 8s with no trouble, but it has a Toyota transmission and Delortos. I've driven my own 2L Stromberg equipped car and I'm pretty sure it'll do under 8s as well and it isn't highly modified as far as performance items/changes.

I think the key will be in having a good running one setup well, carbs synched, ignition timing advanced, cams degreed properly, NO large wheels/tires and effectively numerically lower your overall drive, pay attention to weight you have stashed around the car, and to drive it like you stole it.

13 secs to me seems slow, but I assume you aren't driving it like you hate it - and that might be a good thing for an old car!!!!

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