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 Posted: 12-08-2006 06:48 pm
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I guess I should thank everyone for funding Jorge's tooling costs.


Strange thing, I finished restoring my Mk1 Jensen a few weeks ago and been using it as my daily driver.  Broke down on my street, ran out of gas.  I saw a trail of gas following my car, looks like the tank sprung a big leak so will be pulling it out this weekend.  I've emailed Jorge through EBay about his shipping costs but he hasn't responded yet.

I haven't decided whether to repair, buy steel, or aluminum or install a hardly used  22 gallon FIA/FT3 fuel cell that I am going to pull out of my race car (cell was for a 25 hour enduro race).  I would lose my spare tire if it'll fit at all so I have some deciding to do this weekend.  I also have an 8 gallon ATL with new bladder which should fit w/o issues.

Joe Craven

73 Mk1 Jensen

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