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 Posted: 12-02-2006 12:52 am
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Joseph Mazurk


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JH 14966 RHD, up until Rick Willard got his RHD this one seemed to be the only one in the States. It is the mustard yellow but was repainted a close match up to the original color. I think I will get it repainted the orginal color and use it for the 2007 car show circuit and perhaps sell it in the fall. It starts and stops on a dime and doesn't give any change back.

JH 19832 Black and bought it on Ebay thinking it would be a 5 speed when it arrived it had a 4 speed in it, it will be going to my son because it has a great roll bar and if my son is like the old man and has a bit of a lead foot he'll need it. See GT 30249 the engine and trans will go into this JH and after a nice paint job should be a nice little road car for him.

JH 14487 4-speed, Blue needs restoration California car so not too bad in the rust department haven't even had the time to start it but engine spins OK

JH 15202 4-speed Red Missouri car bascially same condition as one listed above.

JH 14475 4-speed Red Virginia car runs great but needs semi-restoration some rust issues buy pretty solid car.

JH 15163  4-speed Red Ahh, my baby has Dellorto 45's electronic ignition. Will probably be buried in this one. Still get a thrill everytime I look at it. I love this car.

JH 11735 4-speed Moss Green was first JH I owned back in the 70's don't presently own this one but if you know anything about it please tell me. I beat the hell out of this car when I was a youngster redlining it in every gear and never let me down. Drove it through 2 Chicago winters without having a garage and it started every time. Who sez Jensen Healeys are undependable?

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