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 Posted: 04-21-2005 11:59 am
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Hello all, I'm looking for some advice from the "been there done that" group who have installed Dellorto's, I am presently in the install mode and so far things seem pretty straight forward but what I'm looking for is how poeple have handled what to do with the crankcase breather hose, on the Strombergs I removed it use to feed into the aircleaner feeding the carbs, but on the Dell's I'm using new aircleaners that are seperate, one for each carb, the same ones John Kimbrough is using, see his site

Now do I run a hose down under the car and let it breath off there, and if I do will it create a mess with oil vapor all under the car, drips, dirt etc. or should I try and plumb the breather tube  into the back's of the new cleaners, one or both cleaners, or then again I've seen oil catch reseviors attached to the fire wall should I be going that route, any help would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance.