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 Posted: 11-20-2006 08:48 am
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thanks PC.

I just got the quote from Minilite for the JH 15 x 6 wheel with Diamond cut rim, polished : $ 200 per wheel excl vat. (there are shipping cost of course)

I understood the Panasport are around $220 (excl vat??) but this could be for the 15 x 7 or 15 x 6 i don't know. In the Netherlands there is an Panasport importer but he charges about Euro 280 (more then $ 300) per wheel..  I can buy them from DMS of course for 200/220 Dollar but then i get quite some shipping costs on top + import tax as it comes from outside Europe :( 

I'll check compomotive prices @ Korst Banden in the netherlands and superlites.