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 Posted: 11-20-2006 03:02 am
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Harkes wrote:...I have been checking for wheels for 2 years now and could never find Minilite, only minilite look alikes and wanna be's...
People in the US who are interested in real live Minilites can call Steve at Main Street Motorsports.  He’s the US importer for Minilite.
I checked with Steve for JH wheels a few years back and they were available at the time.  As nice as the Panasports are I just wanted to go with a UK made wheel and real live Minilites would be the ticket.  Unfortunately they were pricier than I wanted to go at the time, as were Compomotives
I got Superlites and I’m very happy with them but unfortunately they don’t seem to sell them in the US anymore.
You might want to check with Superlite to see if they sell them in the Netherlands.  They had a wider range of wheel types available than Minilite, including real magnesium and multi-piece designs.  Compomotive’s UK site lists their Netherlands representatives as Korst Banden en Velgen BV