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 Posted: 11-16-2006 12:58 pm
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I'm not sure what the shop rates are of the place you are getting the work done. With that said, at the $48 per hour for spraying and $25 per hour for paint and materials I punched in a Mazda Miata for comparison purposes into my collision prgram here at the shop.

The cost of the respray comes out to $1036.80 (21.6 hours x $48). Bear in mind, that is just the cost of the labor to point the gun at the car and shoot the paint.

Materials comes out to $540.00. Once again, that is just the cost of primer, paint and clearcoat.

The guy painting the car can be Davinci with a spray gun, but if the body isn't prepped properly, the car will not look as good as it should. There is easily 20 hours of body work that was done to the hood of my car getting rid of the bend and prepping it to the point that it could be painted. I don't know how bad your hood is, but mine was pretty rough.

Last summer we did a TR6, stripped it, did all of the body work, painted it polished it to a show car shine and the customer didn't flinch when I charged him $7k for the job.

Also remember, the darker the color, the better the body work has to be, light colors can hide flaws, dark colors will highlight them.

Good luck


Mitch Ware

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