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 Posted: 11-16-2006 04:57 am
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I dropped off my car to the body and paint shop today. I stripped the car of all paint myself and left the car on my rotisserie so they can work on the car without the suspension being in the way. I plan to have the entire tub and body painted with an epoxy primer and the finish is being done in a base coat clear coat. Going with a dark blue paint (solid). They are reinforcing the Huffaker flared fenders and front air dam for me and mounting the kit on the car before painting. They will be doing some body repairs and fixing lots of little dings and the kink in the hood. I have no idea what body and paint work costs today. The last car I had done was just a respray on an almost perfect body on my 1966 Sunbeam Tiger. Went back with the same color on the outside of the car including the trunk and engine compartment. That cost me around $2000 in 1999. How much should I expect this car to cost me? I'm not looking for  a show car by any means, but do expect a professional paint job to match what any of the big three would give on a new car. Trying to find a ballpark figure to negotiate from.  Any assistance would be helpful. Any suggestions that could save me some money would also be welcomed.