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 Posted: 11-14-2006 08:03 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Jay, to answer your questions:

As far as I know all JHs and GTs used the same master cylinder and fluid reservoir.

The Roadster Factory designation T56 refers to parts used on both the TR5 and TR6 (IIRC their catalog explains all that, somewhere).  Don't know whether the TRF has any in stock right now, nor whether their price will be lower than the JHPS price.

All part numbers in that post were taken directly from actual parts in hand, or from online catalogs, as appropriate.  I think everything is accurate -- certainly I never found any typos or errors, and no one else has drawn my attention to one.

You may also wish to read a followup post I wrote, relating to a transient failure of the new master cylinder's tipping valve, which resulted in a lack of front brakes.  The cause for this was pretty positively identified as the presence of barely visible debris in the brake fluid.  Bleeding the car's brakes got rid of the both the debris, and the problem.