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 Posted: 11-10-2006 04:31 pm
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My JH brakes seem to work pretty well in general. If you apply them at a somewhat normal speed (that is to say, the speed at which you move the pedel), or if you apply them quick and hard, the seem okay, maybe not great but okay. If I sort of sneak up on the pedel and apply the movement very slowly, the pedel will continue move to what I think is the end of its' available travel (just about to the floor), and no noticable amount of brake pressure seems to be applied. This seems to happen wether the engine is running or not. I am suspecting some sort of leaking past the piston in the master cylinder, but wondered if there might be some other cause. I have not seen any fluid on the pedels' arm or anywhere else for that matter. I have not yet opened the rear brakes to look more closely. I was wondering if fluid were baypassing in the master cylinder would it stay in the cylinder/system, or would it leak out somewhere? Any advise to futher diagnose would be most welcome. Are rebuild kits available?