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 Posted: 11-10-2006 02:28 pm
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They can be lightened to a certain extent, but, nothing like bolting on a aluminum flywheel.

There is a place that a lot of racers use to fabricate flywheels advertised in Grassroots Motorsports. I'll check an issue of that and see if I can locate them.  I've not used them, but a lot of racers do for their cars, many of which have an even "odder" compliment of parts than a JH, if you can believe that. All they need, as I recall, is your current flywheel and they will do one up in ally for you.

They are not cheap, IIRCC, last fellow I heard using them was about $450 for an ally flywheel with ring gear installed. Was for an old GT6. However, for a "group buy" with Greg or forum members I bet they'd be cheaper.  I'd be really interested in getting one, but alas, in my class they are illegal.


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