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 Posted: 11-10-2006 10:05 am
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Hi Dan, I follow your progress with great interest. Your car will be awesome and i can't wait to see pics of when it is all painted and of your engine.

About flywheels: if the aluminium flywheel turns out a costly affair or undoable, then i don't think you should leighten your OEM JH flywheel. Why not go for an Lotus Esprit leight weight steel flywheel. Not as leight as an aluminium one but most certainly a lot leighter than the orginal JH stocker.

Garry Kemp mounted the Esprit leightweight steel flywheel to my 2.2L engine. Have a look at;

 I use an Esprit pressure plate (the flywheel/pressure plate where used with a Renault gearbox at that time).

I have heavy duty gear reduction starter as well.

Erik Harkes, JH 15175

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