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 Posted: 11-10-2006 05:05 am
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I understand your delemma. What I was trying to suggest was to develop some kind of agreement between all the specialty companies like DB, DMS, BM, JHPS, etc... that might keep companies like Fidanza making the parts we so badly need. From what I can tell, Fidanza has made these flywheels for some time at very reasonable prices and it sounds like DB stocked a few on their shelves. If these items were passed on at more reasonable prices (basically at cost--around $299) rather than trying to make any mark-up at all--it might keep these kinds of rare parts selling just enough to keep them from being discontinued.  Also the close networking between the specialty suppliers and the big manufacturer may have also kept this item from being discontinued. I don't know what your markup is on the flywheel you currently sell, but I do know that Fidanza is willing to make a low number production to accomodate our group at a cost of $350 per Aluminum Flywheel. If you are having 2-3 custom made then don't you think the other specialty suppliers have 2-3 requests per year as well? Even if you made nothing on the items it is a service you could offer your clients and at a very low cost. Even on a presale basis. Once there are 10 orders the group of suppliers can place an order and agree they will be handled by just one of you to keep the costs down. No different than what you do with DMS, isn't it? Or something like it? You really didn't even need to stock the Fidanza Flywheel. You could have become a dealer and just listed them for sale. That is how I found one at $299 + S & H. Unfortunately Fidanza couldn't find what they needed to continue production. Hopefully, DB will be able to convince them they can supply their parts so they will make some more. All this aside, I guess I'll look for one of those lightened steel flywheels like the ones they use in Europe. Anyone know where I can find one in the US at a reasonable price? If not, then it's down to having one of my boat anchors lightened by the machine shop.