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 Posted: 11-08-2006 05:42 am
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If you reuse the ing gear, I'd try to find a way to mechanicaly lock the ring to the fly wheel, I reused my ring gear (on a light steel wheel) after starting the car about 50 tmes the ring gear came loose from the fly wheel, turnng the starter simply rotated the ring around the fly wheel, so engine had to come out.

Solved it by stitch welding the ring to the fly wheel, this was possible for me to do as although I had to sort out a sutable welding procedure and welding rods, at least it was for steel to steel.

I wassubsequently informed that it is very common for the ring to move if it is reused and simply heat shrunk into place.

If any one is interested there is a good photo of my engine on, under the section for round 6 of the Malysian Super Series, forgive me for it not neing a JH,