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 Posted: 11-07-2006 03:39 am
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My crank is from Delta Motorsports and the box has Garry Kemp's name on it. It was purchased new about 8 to 10 years ago by a PO who abandoned their project after about 8 years of storage and no progress other than purchasing a lot of expensive upgrades. I purchased the project for all the upgraded parts which are new and still in their boxes with the original protective coatings intact. I have one complete Jensen Healey engine with under 8000 miles on it since it was rebuilt in 1989, and one spare block and main bearing panel with all bolts removed and vanished years ago. The liners on my complete engine have already been bored 30 over so they should be perfect for my new 2.2 pistons. The block on the complete engine has a crack in the side of one of the bolt locations for the auxilliary housing. I'm in the process of disassembly of the complete engine which is why I noticed it. The spare block looks to be in very good condition. I need to borrow a liner remover from someone and move the liners from the rebuilt engine to the spare block. I'm getting ready to take the spare block down and have dowels added to all ten bolts surrounding the main bearings. This should help stiffen the bottom end for the 2.2L crank. I'll have the machine shop check the two cranks and see if there is a difference. I haven't heard of any issues concerning this swap in relation to one crank being different from another. With my Ford T5 conversion it might make a difference. If it does, I'll post what I find out on this forum. So far as where the new crank came from---since it is not a x-drilled crank my guess would be it had to come from an earlier Lotus engine. What car I can't tell you.