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 Posted: 11-06-2006 11:55 am
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Greg Fletcher wrote: As long as the flywheel and all moving parts in the engine front to back have been precision balanced, the idle will be silky smooth.
 If the flywheel is too light you will have a motor that won't idle very well no matter to what 0.000000X gram weight it is balanced to. If the weight of the flywheel isn't enough to dampen the power pulses it'll show up as an idle that is definitely not sliky smooth. That said, I don't know if 8.5 lbs is enough or not. The stocker is a heavy piece for sure in comparison.

I'd been interested in how you get on with the project and if Fidanza will supply one. If not there are a couple floating about used, and, there is a flywheel supplier advertised in GRMS that can make one for you. All you'd need to do is supply a stock one so they can get measurements for the distance from the crank flange to the surface face, as well as ring gear diameter, and teeth.