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 Posted: 11-04-2006 02:07 am
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I would normally agree about the vibration and choppy idle using an aluminum flywheel if I weren't getting ready to do a complete rebuild and upgrade on my 2.0L Jensen Healey engine. The reason I am ordering all the parts now is so I can have them computer balanced seperately then all together attached to my new 2.2L crank. This should smooth out the engine even at high rpm. Thanks to this forum and the great input from so many people I now have all the specs to proceed forward and I am in the process of attaining all the final parts so I can finally rebuild my engine. The parts should all be in by late next week or early the following week. Looking forward to having the engine finished so I can get my transmission adapter made for my 5 speed conversion. Then it's on to modifying the drive shaft. In the mean time I guess I need to take my body in to the body shop to have it finished and ready for the mechanicals.

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