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 Posted: 11-03-2006 03:56 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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As long as the flywheel and all moving parts in the engine front to back have been precision balanced, the idle will be silky smooth. You should do this any time you rebuild a 907 engine, even if it's dead stock. I used a 7lb Tilton for years and was mostly happy with it. It will make the clutch very touchy compared to stock of course, that's what I didn't like. I'd never put a lightened flywheel on a Lotus engine that was not balanced - Lotus wasn't real good about that on the early engines.

I've found that some Lotus 2.2 crank flanges can have a slightly different flange configuration, no idea why or what years are effected. See if the manufacturer can send you a cad drawing to compare with what you have.

That's a great deal for an aluminum flywheel, let us know how that works out.