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 Posted: 11-02-2006 01:59 am
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1) Dellorto's and Strombergs use the same pressure of 2 to 4 psi.  The fuel pump you choose should be low pressure HIGH VOLUME.  I run the SU solid state pump with no regulator and have had excellent luck in both my JHs.  I run Dellorto 45s and one is a 2.2L stroker.  I also have used a low cost FACET pump reliably, again with no regulator and monitored pressure at the carbs proved to be excellent.  I am not quite sure of the benefit of a fuel regulator if you get a proper pump.  To me its another set of connections and additional hardware to mess up.

2)  The anti-syphon check valve is a little metal check valve hidden in the hose that tees from the pump outlet to the top tank return.  You can remove the hose and try blowing through it.  You should only be able to blow through it in one direction.  Make sure you replace it in the correct direction, that is "no flow" towards the tank.   I believe many complaints of low fuel pressure are a result of people replacing this hose and not realizing that there is the check valve inside.  Without the check valve the pump dumps fuel back into the tank and has trouble supplying the carbs.  If you replace this hose you can remove the check valve from the old hose by cutting it out and place it in your new hose.  If you do not have a check valve you can probably find one or something similiar, as they were common in many vehicles.

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