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 Posted: 10-30-2006 08:23 pm
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Thanks guys for the feedback. Just to make sure I have this correct I will restate what think we have concluded. The small steel vent lin that goes to the carbon canister is not necessary. The 5/16 line from sort of checkvalve vent that bolts to the top of the hub should be vented just outside the trunk. I should pick up a fuel pressure regulator and install it in line and adjust to the said pressure. I should also either reuse or purchase a new rubber seal for the sending unit as the white plastic one from George is not one that seals well. I may consider haveing one made at a gasket shop...thoughts??? Other than that there is no need for the return line and I should install a good quality filter...I have already purchased one larger and two smaller glass filters for each carb. Anything else I have missed??