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 Posted: 10-30-2006 07:33 am
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I agree with Ron. I also have the new aluminium fuel tank from Jorge. I plugged the vent line at the rear but did connect the line that normally runs to the front/carbon cannister. I don't have the cannister either, so mine is now sticking out the frame near the air hose that is connected to the vent/hub as well. i'm thinking about plugging it and get rid of the line.

You don't need the return line from the pump to the tank.

So like Ron said: all you need is the fuel line from tank to pump to carbs and the air hose from the top of the tank. Rest can be discarded/plugged.

I have a fuel filter between the tank and  a solid state SU pump (which still ticks!) and a fuel pressure regulater before the carbs in the engine bay.

Pay attention to the white plastic ring supplied with the tank which should seal the tank at the side where the sender unit goes in. Normally this is a rubber seal. The white plastic ring doesn't seal well and leaks. Use the rubber ring seal from your old tank and use the white plastic ring to fill the gap (you need to make it thinner..)

Good luck