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 Posted: 10-28-2006 05:46 pm
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Hey guys,

I bought one of the new almunimum tanks from George a few month back and am now getting ready to install it. There is one difference between it and the oriinal tank. My original tank only had one connection on the side of the vent/return hub and the new tank has two. I understand the use of the two after looking at the fuel system parts explosion, but question wheather or not I can simplify from the orignal plumbing a bit. First question is do I need both the vent line to the carbon canister (btw I currently do no have a carbon canister) and the one that seem to come off the check valve? I believe the check valve is for vacuum prevention in the tank and the carbon is for pressurized fumes. Can anyone confirm this is correct. If it is why can't I just run both outside the car and terminate? Another question I have is do I need this return line to the tank from the pump. I do not plan to use an SU pump and am not certain that the recurculation is needed. It seems that either my old tank did not have this. Any help would be very appreciated. I am trying to gather all needed parts before I start.




One last question is how did you fasten the vent pipe to the tank? The white plastic clips that were original are now broken.