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 Posted: 10-15-2006 04:30 am
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I was under the impression that the Dellorto 45 Trijets used the same service kits as any other 45 with some very minor exceptions. When I inquired with one of the Dellorto suppliers, they informed me that the Trijets take a different service kit and then quoted me a price in excess of $100 for the kit to service a pair. I know I will need to change out my idle jets from 55 to 60's and the pump jets need to be changed to 45's. I was quoted around $25 for the idle jets and around $45 for the pump jets. All these prices seem very high compared to what I see on ebay. Can anyone assist me in sorting through all this? I would like to order the parts so I can rebuild my Dellortos to work in harmony with my engine upgrades. Are these prices about right or can these parts be bought at better prices elsewhere?