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 Posted: 10-11-2006 12:30 am
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Thanks Colin

The Superlites look great.

Restoration feedback from others about the old wheels is to strip off the old paint, repaint and then turn as advised by you. I agree that the original wheels aren't the most attractive look, guess I'm going to see if I can keep it all as original as  possible.

By the by, I acquired my JH Mk1 (11327) in March this year, it was one of only 51 Mk 1s sold new in Australia. It runs very well, in almost original condition. I am slowly working my way around what's needed for a top to tail restoration (ie lots of $$). The bug is really starting to bite, but I am wondering who those small people are who live in my house... They mutter something about 'family' and 'children'. Pests.

Will post some pics of the restored wheels when I get it done.

Chris L