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 Posted: 10-04-2006 12:25 am
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Third time has to be the charm, right?

Thanks to Judson for putting in the time on the motor and doing a second one for me. The first one was great, but, I ruined it as detailed in this thread:

This one will be well taken care of, well, as well as one can take care of a race motor, and will hopfully get us through two seasons. Judson put a lot of attention to detail into the motor and I think it shows. He's built the motor, installed it, and broke it in - you can't ask for more from your engine builder, many thanks!!!!!! If you want one of these little motors done right I highly recommend his services, and he gives advice for free!

We're headed to Atlanta this weekend to pick her up, then we'll bring her back for some more twiddling with a few areas that need attention. I'd love to race her at VIR Goblins Go in October, but, we've got five Spec Miatas entered in the 13 Hour Enduro the week after that race and need to shake them down for renters. Soooooo, the JH won't make a debut race until Feb at CMP in South Carolina.

We do have a roundy round track rented (tentatively) at Burlington NC in December for four hours to dial in brake bias, and just check general running of the car. Not our kind of racing, but it'll do for a shake down track to make sure it'll run at high speed for long lengths of time. Might be cold though......

So, new fuel cell, new catch can for oil, fabricate a spolier/splitter, new graphics, and a few other items and we'll be on track!


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