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 Posted: 10-02-2006 04:19 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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If you want a canvas top that fits your Jensen Healey you need to purchase it from a company that sells a quality product. In my experience, none of the budget brands in this country sell an good fitting top for this car. The exception to this was Caribou when they were making them, but those are all long gone now. I've seen tops that claim to fit this car that aren't even close. The top on this vehicle is complex and it requires careful assembly by the manufacturer AND a good pattern to start with. All the craftsmenship in the world is wasted if the pattern is incorrect. Once you have a poor fitting top, there will be nothing you can do to make it fit better. I plan on buying a top for my car in the next few months and I'm budgeting $500-$600 for a high quality canvas one. I know, it's a lot, but don't kid yourself, this isn't 1973 any longer. By comparision, a lot of canvas tops for super-premium new cars run several thousand dollars these days, so for what the JH top is, it's not a bad deal. You can't go wrong with a Robbins (US made) or Prestige (UK made) top for the Jensen Healey.