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 Posted: 09-30-2006 05:14 am
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Dear all

Success. While recuperating from a small op (after 4 kids the Arguments Dept decided it was time for a trip to the knackers yard for me...) I had a good long look at the thing. The lock was a little loose so after a bit of coaching with a screwdriver and a rag to protect the paintwork I got one side of the retaining clip free.

The other side was a little more difficult, but looked like it may have been done before so I was able to pry it up and out. Out came the lock and the rest was easy.

Removal has caused a small amount of damage to the boot lid around the lock hole, but at least now I can get the indicator/brake light working again. Should be able to refit the lock after tapping the bent edges back into shape.

By the by, I did try going through the floorpan of the boot by knocking the spare wheel retaining tube back into the boot and trying to release the locking mechanism with a 2' bit of steel but it was just too darn hard with the exhaust in the way. Thought about taking the exhaust off but thankfully (!) surgery beckoned and an easy way out came. Oh well, having pulled it all off I might as well do a bit of work and repaint the spare wheel carrier.

Will now fit a cable release!

Thanks all for your helpful advice, give me a yell if you're ever over on the west coast of Oz.

Chris L