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 Posted: 09-24-2006 05:56 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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Clearly brake problems can have many sources and definitely worth the time to check that pesky push rod as I've had trouble with that before also, and collapsing rubber hoses.

I've experienced pulling to one side and after a complete caliper rebuild on both sides, the problem seemed just as bad afterward. Not to give up easily, as I was sure the caliper was the problem and I removed them once again, split the calipers (not recommended by the manufacturer as Jim notes), and gave them a very detailed cleaning in a bead blast cabinet. Parts dip was enough for my calipers. Once assembled with new seals and o-rings, they worked perfectly, no pulling, and stopped straight as an arrow. Those calipers can get pretty messed up over the years and passages can get blocked, at least that was the problem in my case.