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 Posted: 09-23-2006 04:26 am
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The easiest way to service the gauges is to remove the instrument pod, which is the oval assembly into which all the gauges fit.  This requires removing the steering wheel, undoing the screw at the top of the leftmost and rightmost gauge cupolas, then (pulling / reaching under the dash and pushing / wiggling) the pod toward the rear of the car until you can gain access to, and disconnect, (a) the oil gauge pipe, (b) the speedometer cable, and (c) the two wiring connectors.  Upon disconnecting the oil gauge pipe, AT ONCE place the free end into a coffee can or plastic bag so that it won't dribble oil over the carpet.

There is a metal spike in the top center of the pod that fits into a spring clip affixed to a bracket that's part of the dash itself.  These parts are usually quite rusty and a goodly dose of penetrating oil is usually necessary to free things up.  This spike is visible in the attached photo.  In really severe cases, one must remove the tach or speedometer by itself, so that force can be applied to the spike.

It's prudent to replace the instrument and warning lights while the pod is out of the car.

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