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 Posted: 09-22-2006 06:29 pm
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I have followed the recent discussionon the sticking, front caliper with a fair bit of interest and would like to add my comments.

First. I did not mean to infer that the master cylinder was the culprit, but rather the booster push rod was in need of adjustment. With time the necessary clearance between the push rod and the rear piston of the master cylinder decreases until the piston can no longer fully return to its fully relaxed position. As a result the cylinder does not release hydraulic pressure, and the brakes remain lightly applied. You will note a threaded sdjustment on the push rod. Screw this a turn or two inward (shorter) and most non-release problems will be cured. Why this affects one wheel only I don't know. It just does.

Second. Collapsed hose linings are a possible cause, but relatively rare.

Third. I'm not sure where the chromed pistons came from. Most are billet steel (ours are now black anodized) and some are stainless. Stainless are nice, but expensive. Since most steel one shave lasted thirty years, I can't justify the extra cost. I would never remove and refit pistons without replacing the seals. Do not split the caliper halves as the sealing O rings are not included in the kits.

Fourth. Just to satisfy my own curiosity. I compared the Jensen Healey pads with the TR 7's. Although close, it appears the J/H pads are slightly larger. The currently available pads are state of the art ceramic, although we do have rivited.

I hope this helps sort out some of the confusion. If not, please don't hesitate to phone.

Jim Medland