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 Posted: 03-14-2005 11:46 am
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Mark, Thanks for quick reply. Being in Oklahoma Emission control is a mute issue.

Just want to make sure. What you are saying. I can eliminate (plug) All vacuum line to the Carbs and Distrib. ??

I am a "Shade tree mechanic" from W-A-Y Back. this is my 6th rebuild of a British car But my dealings with twin Strombergs go back 20 years (TR-6) so I have forgot everything (Might be age too).

 Knowing that I can by-pass the Vacuum lines then I can get into the real problem. Carbs &/or pure timing. I have not rebuilt the carbs yet. (Have parts). I just want to make sure were to start. From what you said I need to start at the timing.

This week I will by-pass vacuum and set the static timing at 8 - 12 BTDC and then go from there. IF I have misunderstood about the vacuum please advise.