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 Posted: 09-18-2006 08:28 pm
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My '76 GT has been off the road for three years due to registration issues.  I was hoping that the rolling 30 year exemption in California would eliminate the need for a Smog test, but unfortunately the exemtprion have stalled at cars from 1975 and earlier.

When I tried to have my car tested 3 years ago, the test station could not find the specs for my car on the DMV computers and thus could not test it.  Earlier this month I took the car to the state referee at Golden West College.  He sneered at the previous tester's attempts and entered the correct numbers into the computer.  Amazingly, the car passed the emissions test portion.  However, if failed the visual inspection.

The referee asked if the air injection portion had been modified.  He said that there should be a divertor valve to dump the excess air and he could not find one.  He requested any documentation on that system.  What I did find was a mention, within the workshop manual, of a overpressure valve built into the air pump.  Hopefully that will satisfy him.

He also asked about the various vacuum and air hoses on the Strombergs.  For that I could find nothing other than some vague drawings that include a few hoses.  I did replace the broken hoses leading to the anti-runon valve.  But, there are two tubes coming out of the carbs that sort of face each other.  Each one had a broken rubber hose on it.  Taking a wild guess, I ran a hose between them and plan on calling this an equalizer -- unless someone knows what it really is.

I need to get the car back to the referee before the end of the month as that is when my temporary operating permit expires.  So, of there is anyone with information to share, especially any factory documentation on the emissions system, I would be appreciative.

If I can just get a permanent exemption, I could repplace the old Strombergs with Dellortos.

Bill Berks
Long Beach, CA