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 Posted: 04-18-2005 02:20 am
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I used a Delta carpet kit, and my only complaint was (as mentioned earlier) the lack of snaps to hold the footwell carpet. I got the MGB snaps from Victoria British, riveted the male snaps in place with aluminum rivets, coated the male snaps with chalk, then pressed the carpet into place, and installed the snaps at the spots marked by the chalk residue. I did find it necessary to remove a circle of the padding at the snaps. I have been quite pleased with everything I've gotten from Jim Medland.

If you get your own bulk carpet from wherever, you still have to put edging along several pieces to get a 'finished' look, and come up with a suitable heel mat for the drivers' side.

Next project: install a set of 1993 Mazda RX7 leather seats.

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