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 Posted: 08-24-2006 06:46 pm
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Another option you have, and it is cheap, is all brand new calipers.

Triumph TR7 two piston calipers bolt right on, and, offer a larger pad area to boot.  They are are really inexpensive. I use them on my car and bought spares for the race kit too.

Typically you'll find them for $99.99 new from Victoria British and other places. However, on occasion, VB and another place, might be Moss, will sell them for $79.99 complete. Coupled with a TR7 Master Cylinder for $99 you can have a basically new system for $300.

The big reason I went down that route (didn't know they were so cheap) was that lots of race pad compounds are available from Brake Girl in the TR7 size while nothing other than stock was available for the JH.

Rebuild kits for the JH are cheap though, and as long as you don't suspect bore issues or piston issues you should be good to go.


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