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 Posted: 08-20-2006 01:52 pm
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Norm, get the Des Hammill book if you don't have it. "How to Build and Power tune Weber & Dellorto Carbs" Ebay or Amazon. Per the book, Always tap the float retaining bar through using a pin punch from the solid leg side and NOT the split leg side.  Also from the book, The needle and seat assemlby can be unscrewed and should be replaced with a new assembly unless you are working on a relatively new carb. The needles are prone to wear on the very tip of the needle where it contacts the seat. Worn needles have an annular groove or indentation present all the way around the conical portion of the needle. The wear on the seat is less apparent as it is down the hole of the fitting. Replace the needle and seat as an assembly. Needles can be all metal or rubber tipped. The book is excellent, it along with the JHPS forum will get you back on the road. Best of luck. John