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 Posted: 08-20-2006 12:19 pm
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Dear Folks,

I bought a pair of DLHA 45s from England. The are in excellent shape, both inside and out. The were taken off a Jensen Healey, and bought from a very decent and reputable dude who has sold lots of carbs to Delta Motorsports and I believe is a JHPS member, so I'm assuming everything is sized correctly. But I have a couple is very serious.

First question: When I fired up the car, the carburators leaked gas from the bottom. The forward one was worse, but they both leaked. I pulled them and opened them up. They were quite clean. I sprayed them with carb/ choke cleaner, and inspected the float and needle valve. When I blow into the gas inlet while holding the floats up gently, no air gets through. So, I'm assuming the valves work. This would mean, if I'm correct, that they are not overflowing. I also have my pressure regulator set at 2 PSI.

When I put them in a vise and fill the bowls, they drip out the bottom at the pump lever slot in the housing. One has a very steady drip, the other sort of weaps out fuel. I've seen enough of these cars burned up, including two that were give to me for parts, that I know the problem is potentially ( or surely ) catastrophic!

I then pulled off the bottom plate, and the diaphragms were  rusted at the center plates and the rubber was fairly stiff. I saw a reference as to this causing leaking. Is this correct? In addition, the diaphragm springs were fixed to the center plates. This isn't shown in a blow up diagram; they are separate parts. So, is it correct that they are attached?

Second question: How in hell do I get the pins out so I can remove the floats to get a new gasket on the top, or perhaps replace the needle valves? One end of the holders has a vertical slot, as you know. I don't want to take measures that might damage the carburator, so can someone please let me know the correct way?

Third question: Has anyone bought Dellorto parts from the dude in Italy, Alpha whatever? I've found him on Ebay and his prices are super compared to a few other bandits. If so, did it take a dog's lifetime to get it?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Norm Vandal

Roxbury, VT