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 Posted: 08-09-2006 07:37 pm
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Jim Sohl


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Hi Tom,
Let me first say that the advice given so far is quite good and very well may get you going.  I write to relate my past experience with the Girling units.  Specifically, the pistons are chrome plated and upon disassembly, the chrome was found to be literally peeling off.  Also, the edges of the peeled up chrome was tearing at the seals from the inside.  And finally, the pistons had started to rust where the chrome had lifted up.  All of the above was going on completely out of sight and for the most part, without symptoms.  As I was new to British cars at the time, it provided a good starting point to suspect that there are always problems, somewhere, just waiting to be found!  Did I say that I enjoy fixing things?  Good luck!
Jim in Chandler AZ, sn11210