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 Posted: 08-09-2006 04:55 pm
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Tom, the front calipers are a totally simple single piston design on either side of the rotor, push the pedal and they squeeze it, over time the pistons develope rust and start binding against the sealing o-ring, I think that's your problem.

Two choices, take the caliper off and pull the piston's out and see if you can clean them up, a little fine steel wool, put them back on and hope they don't leak, or get a couple of rebuild kits from Delta along with new pistons, do both side's so you wont have to visit this issue again, and as Mark mentions, those hose's should probably be replaced as well, you cant beat the new stainless hoses, if I remember correctly they sell all three (rear one also) for the price of what a rubber one would go.