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 Posted: 08-01-2006 01:46 am
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Mark, Edward...thanks for the suggestions...Well, it took a bit, but problems solved. The fuel pump was putting out over 4 psi and the choke disc was 180 degrees off. I fixed the choke assembly and installed a Holley 12-804 (1-4 psi ) adjustable pressure regulator ($25 + $10 ship/handling from Summit Racing). Although it has two outlet ports for installation with twin carbs, I chose to install it with one port servicing both carbs (upstream strainer filter) so I could put a gage in the other port if needed. As luck would have it, the regulator was defective and leaked by after the first day of use. Fortunately I re-checked the pressure and found the problem before tossing the carbs in the woods. The regulator was replaced, no hassle, and since I was a 1st time customer, they gave me a $15 credit toward a next purchase which I payed an extra $1.50 and got a gage.  Fortunately, this one worked well...and everything is chrome so looks good too. When fixing the choke, I removed the carbs to check the floats. I maintained the fuel in the bowl until disassembly so I could check the actual level in the bowls. The forward carb was controlling level to just above the "shelf" in the bowl. The aft carb level was much higher (1/4"+). I noticed that although the highest point was set at 0.688", the floats are not real consistent in angle and twist. I adjusted the aft carb which was the most "squirrely" to be more consistent looking as the forward carb but still 0.688" at high point. This resulted in making it control the bowl level lower than it was. One question here is: does anybody know the "nominal" level (height) the fuel should be controlled to...couldn't find that in any Stromberg books. Regardless, things are running well and smoke-free (as much as can be with a Jensen-Healey)!